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    Thank you! 앗... 그냥 확장자도 인식하는군요... 제가 괜스레 너무 복잡하게 생각 했었네요(;)
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    There are so many cases, for example, that you could create a malicious USB and connect it directly to the victim's computer, infect the game crack file or movie, or porn video, or image (some social engineering techniques apply to those three). Or you can cheat and distribute it as a hacking tool.
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    As beginner of Hacker, somethings like HACKING WIFI or HACKING BANK are prejudice about hacking. if you want to hack somethings, you have to know their base (like Algorithm, tools, systems). in this point of view, your question is SO WIDE to answer. if you really want to hack someones Wifi, you have to study about Wifi. p.s. plz use Korean, It's korean forum.
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    Windows Script, Executable, Email, social engineering

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