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    hello guys how cann i hack facebook
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    I can help you with that but it on condition
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    Hello, This is FoxEarPhile. I recently learned about PLOUTUS-D, it is ATM jackpotting Program. This Program 's base language is visual basic 7.0 C++, this program is so strong to ATM devices. bellow infos are analysis infos about Diebold.exe. this is maybe made from deutsche. malwarebytes's md5 : C04A7CB926CCBF829D0A36A91EBF91BD malwarebyte's size : 198 kB File type : 32Win execute file File Code siae : 199168 Legal version : Copyright © 2015 Product version : unobserved features of Ploutus-D Previously unobserved features of Ploutus-D It uses the Kalignite multivendor ATM Platform. It could run on ATMs running the Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and XP operating systems. It is configured to control Diebold ATMs. It has a different GUI interface. It comes with a Launcher that attempts to identify and kill security monitoring processes to avoid detection. It uses a stronger .NET obfuscator called Reactor. This are how Ploutus-D works... 1. Criminals gain physical access to ATM’s core CPU by means of breaking the top-box or using front-cover keys. 2. Once physical access is gained they leverage access to the USB ports or CDROM drive to infect the ATM with the malware. They also connect a standard keyboard to be able to operate it. 3. Ploutus-D contains an executable (AgilisConfigurationUtility.exe) and a Launcher (Diebold.exe). The executable can run as a standalone application or as a service installed by the Launcher, and will be controlled from the keyboard. 4. PLOUTUS-D runs in the background waiting for a combination of keystrokes to activate and take control of the ATM. It then displays a custom GUI asking for an authorization code, to guarantee control of the mule. 5. If authorization is granted, PLOUTUS-D displays details of how much money is available on each cash cassette and uses Kalignite’s XFS components to interact with the ATM dispenser, allowing the cybercriminal to issue multiple dispensing commands to empty the cash. 6. Activation and dispensing codes can be sent to PLOUTUS-D from the keyboard or from the ATM pinpad. 7. Finally, after the “cash-out” is completed, PLOUTUS-D provides with a cleanup mechanism to remove any traces of the attack. So, this Script do capture the Credit card's info and credit card ic chip psswd(which are typed use atm keyboard...) and send it to attacker. and also attakcer will control ATM devices which are attacker installed its.
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    i can teach you contact me if you are only serious in learning. mail me at [email protected]
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    요즘은 모의해킹할 때에도 스캐닝툴을 돌리는 걸 선호하지 않는 분위기라 스캐닝툴은 되도록이면 안쓰고 저는 버그 바운티 같은 경우는 허용범위 내에서 수작업을 해보거나 퍼저를 돌려봅니다.
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    Python3 버전에서 작동합니다 Github에서 오픈소스로 올라온 리버스쉘이며 https://github.com/buckyroberts/Turtle 에서 더 자세한 내용을 확인하실 수 있습니다. 아래는 툴 제작 가이드 유튜브 영상입니다. Turtle-master.zip

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