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  1. I need a team to hook up with here on darkweb and make a lot of cash a d spread our name like Alex and Z did
  2. We can start today just want to know what you guys can do what are you good at load credit card or clone card or hacker you just let me know what you can do ....
  3. Chuck4000

    Instagram hack

    Hi darkman how are you
  4. Chuck4000


    Can you help me with cloning cards....
  5. Chuck4000

    Initial Access

    Who can hack magic Jack numbers or email address get back to me as soon as
  6. Hi help me get leads or coupons or if anyone here can hack magic Jack number or email address get back to me or [email protected] thank you
  7. Chuck4000

    online carding

    Link me up bro I could sell all those stuff for you I have a really good buy spend Big....
  8. Chuck4000


    Staffy get back to me as soon as you can i have everything you need and you have all I need too so let work as a team thank you ... I am chuck
  9. Chuck4000


    Hi how are you doing
  10. Chuck4000

    I sell cvv US, UK fullz ( debit + credit )

    Hi how are you doing i need information just like those so I could work with you I am good at taking money from account and taking away Social security each month
  11. But I need customers so we can get money from them and send you your share and where the customer will be coming from is from leads or coupons....
  12. Chuck4000

    Tools And Source Code Hacking

    How does this word bro and what do it do explain to me am very friendly and helpful I could help you out and tell you what I know .... thank you bro am Chuck.....
  13. Chuck4000

    1000000% LEGIT WU TRANSFER

    This is a flip scam bro come i do this scam on Instagram for like 4 years now think big bro and I could tell you a lot so get back to me a I will hook you up .... thank bro am Chuck....
  14. At the (reportscam.com) is where I can find numbers like Magic Jack to hack and in those mail box have loan customers which each Customer pays like $3000 daily so if anyone can hack email or Magic Jack that will be great Inbox if want to work as a team that is why we should link heads together and make big things happen.... if we Bingo/have money in the line it will be split 50% each .....
  15. If anyone up for hacking some Facebook and Instagram account I have a lot which is making money out of there profile so if anyone can help me get inside those then we will be doing business
  16. Chuck4000

    Online carding

    Me and Benjamin Appiah , moneylord364 Get back to me as soon. As you can let work together and do business of a great % for all of us....
  17. Chuck4000

    i need a loader please

    I can help load credit card and bank account and we do real business together
  18. I am a Jamaican scammer and I really know a lot of stuff
  19. Chuck4000

    Got PP cArd

    Hook me up bro let's make mad cash
  20. Hey bro I can let you make a lot of money easy and quick
  21. Chuck4000

    I sell cvv US, UK fullz ( debit + credit )

    We could make mad cash I am really smart just hook my up I could tell you more

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