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  1. Selling cloned cards bitcoin payments only. Trying to soon figure out the paypal method, below are the current offers we have. We also only sell minimum of 2 cards per order and a max of 6. Prepaid cards are rechargeable just for a 10% payment of the cards value cards are shipped 2-5 business days after payments 1 prepaid - $1500-2000 ($150) 1 visa - $1500-2000($150) 1 credit card - $2000-4500($200) daily card spending $500-700 Now for banknotes it depends on how much again only 10% payment... NO!!!! we do not do anything over $10,000 for safety reasons make payment here BTC: 1GRQsf2K5f79EhfhYY8jA7teTHHzL7S after payment please email with proof of payment and what you're purchasing. [email protected]

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