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  1. what is the various ways to infect someone with malwares ?
  2. ex : site:darkweb.kr -www (execlude www from results) for file types use : filetype:xml ..
  3. aimbot

    Help to information ask hack

    what do you wanna hack ??
  4. aimbot

    DNS 조회를 위한 도구들

    amass is faster https://github.com/caffix/amass
  5. aimbot

    Web App Testing Map

    HD : https://ibb.co/WW4M26p
  6. aimbot

    파이썬 빌드에 관련된 모듈

    for example in windows you can create a simple programme.exe that download python and install it and download your script.py and run it . hope you get it

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