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Cyborg Builder Ransomware V2.0.1 {Activation Code}

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This cryptography is created using the RSA-2048 advanced encryption encryption algorithm
  1 * License Agreement Agreement
 2 * You are responsible for all illegal uses
 3 * Illegal Use of This Tool May Cause Prison
 4 * You use the software at your own risk
 5 * Is a tool designed for penetration testing
 6 * You are responsible for testing the ransomware on your computer.


Contact Me:


Discord: Cyber_SpLiTTer#4990

Email: [email protected]

Making Tutorial: https://youtu.be/F7wBdR5SAaA

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can you give me link please i need make money because i am only poor 😞


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Important Information

I have read and accept the above terms.