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I need a team that is serious to do fraud and ready to make of cash....

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Phone ....+1 347 5376484

Email..... [email protected]

Wickr ..... legitplug0


Valium diazepam


Roche valium diazepam 5mg


Roche valium diazepam 10mg

250 tabs 70 USD

500 tabs 140 USD

1000 tabs 250 USD


Generic diazepam daz safe pharma 10mg 

1000 tabs 120 USD


Generic diazepam 10mg losse

1000 tabs 120 USD

2000 tabs 200 USD


Star valium diazepam

1000 tabs 100 USD

2000 tabs 170 USD


Roche valium diazepam 2ml/10mg

25 amples 100 USD

50 amples 110 USD

100 amples 180 USD




xanax onax 1mg safe pharma 

250 tabs 130 USD

500 tabs 220 USD

1000 tabs 400 USD


Onax xanax alprazolam 2mg bars

100 tabs 130 USD

250 bars 200 USD

500 bars 350 USD

1000 bars 600 USD


Generic lorazepam 2mg

250 tabs 70 USD

500 tabs 130 USD

1000 tabs 229 USD


Ambein name brand 10mg

100 tabs 85 USD

250 tabs 150 USD

500 tabs 300 USD

1000 tabs 550 USD


Generic ambein 10mg

100 tabs 70 USD

250 tabs 130 USD

500 tabs 200 USD

1000 tabs 330 USD


Pain meds


Morphine sulphate 

10 amples 200 USD


tramadol 50mg 

250 tabs 100 USD

500 tabs 180 USD

1000 tabs 300 USD


NUbain nalbuphine kinz 1ml/20mg

10 amples 80 USD

25 amples 130 USD

50 amples 220 USD

100 amples 350 USD


(Buprenorphine injects x 50 50 gbp


Weight loss

ephedrine 30mg x 1000 tabs 150 USD

epehdrine 30mg x 2000 tabs 230 USD


clenbuterol 20mcg x 300 tabs 

clenbuterol 20mcg x 600 tabs 


t-3 cytomel 100mcg 300 tabs 

t-4 x 50mcg 500 tabs


Ketamine vial 10ml/500mg

5 vials 

10 vials

25 vials 







Adderall 5mg





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I'm looking for some one who has information of us citizens.

cards, social security,  bank accounts etc. I can build PayPal accounts etc. I know how to withdraw money out of accounts. I mainly do lotto scam. But any body need a fast leaner as well I'm here to make some money.

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Am in i want to learn fraud i want someone to put me through especially with sites to chat with rich clients to send money and credit card etc. i will really appreciate...


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I am new here and also dont know much about hacking, i can bring in some good ideas and tips depending on what your plan is...I would love to be part of your plan.

I am also in search for anyone that can be providing shell/cpanel and smtp for spamming... I hack into company emails...we could also make alot of money from it.

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I am good at exchanging  gift cards to bitcoin and cash. This is my area of specialization. Need bulk gift cards I can supply, want to sell bulk gifts cards? I buy.  I am centre of attraction when it comes to gift cards. I have the market. I even have a legally  registered  business for this.. if I'll fit into anything  hit me up.. I am not paying for any registration  fee.

[email protected] 


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